Abu Jar M Akkas

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Now work with the Dhaka-based daily newspaper New Age as news editor; worked with PC Quest Bangladesh, Holiday, Independent and Financial Express after the beginning with the Daily Star in 1993. Also worked for some days with the defunct Associated Press of Bangladesh.

Master of Arts in English language, 1995 (session 1991--1992); Bachelor of Arts in English literature, 1993 (session 1988--1991), from University of Dhaka. Higher secondary education from Dinajpur Government College (1988), secondary education from Dinajpur Zilla School in 1986, and primary schooling began with Dinajpur St Joseph's School.

আবু জার মোঃ আককাস in Bengali script; location: Dhaka, Bangladesh. Birth: 25 August 1970, officially, which is 47 weeks later than the original date of birth that fell on 30 Bhadra 1376 in the Bengali calendar; spent 18 years after birth by the River Punarbhaba in Dinajpur; wife Jahanara Nargis, wedding 1998; daughter Ana Armita, birth 2004.

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