Abu Jar M Akkas     «Map&Rev»


An editorial technician with three decades of experience in journalism across newsroom positions. Make a living from daily chores with the »New Age« newspaper. Read English in the University of Dhaka (1988–1992) and ended up being a «linguistics» hobbyist, with interests in «computing» and «typography».

Here are some of what I wr[i|o]te for «newspapers», «magazines» and «blogs», logged for historical purposes, and a «miscellany» of pieces that fall beyond the three categories.

Here is my «course of life». And, here is «what I read»/riːd|red/. Finally, «a photograph» (png, 130kB) and a «note on my name».



E-mail: ajmakkas@ajmakkas.com
Facebook: /akkas
Mobile: (+)880-1817-030811
Address: Rampura, Dhaka, Bangladesh 1208


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