Abu Jar M Akkas's personal page

Hello world! I earn my living from daily chores with a ||newspaper|| and more than dabble into |linguistics| and |computing|. I have ceased long ago to be a regular newspaper writer yet I put here for historical purposes some of my |writings| which got in print at some point.

I keep cutting my teeth on |typography| and do |blogging|, when I find time, in addition to some |other things|. Here is |what I am| of a sort and here is my |course of life|, or |curriculum vitæ|, as they call in Latin (omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina). I hope to log here what I am, or have just finished, |reading|. And here is my |picture| (png, 130kB).


E-mail: ajmakkas |AT| ajmakkas |DOT| com
Mobile: (+)880-18-17030811
Address: 404, West Rampura, Dhaka, Bangladesh 1208


Revised: 01 April 2012